What's my craic?

I popped out onto the world slap bang in the middle of the eighties (what a decade) to be greeted with financial liberalisation, horrendous music and the Lawson Boom. Having mastered how to sit up, talk and walk, the next step was to discover the pencil and the crayon. Many scribbles later and the brush was put in my hand, and so I started to paint.

Years of weekends spent in football grounds, impatience and general lack of talent drove me to all but give up on using paint as a tool to express my creativity, and so I switched to using light and aperture (hence the name of the website).

I think I got my first camera when I was about nine. It was a rectangular effort by Kodak, and cost a tenner from Makro. Fast forward about twelve years and into my hands fell an Olympus e-500, my weapon of choice for 2 years. However, I've since switched to Nikon and now use a D300 as my weapon of choice.

What happened to me in between these two events? Having finished GCSEs for some reason I was dead set on doing economics at university, even though I'd never studied it before. Picking it up at A-level, where every lunchtime was invested in playing table football, I decided that reading economics was the route to go, and off I went to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

Sadly, the best college in Cambridge chucked me out after three years with a piece of paper in my hand and a silly hat on my head. After three years of sport, alcohol and far too many books, off I went to London to end my job avoidance. Nowadays I can mostly be found on an East Coast Main Line train, sat at a desk on the South Bank or lurking around an opposition's penalty area. Failing that, I'm likely to have my Nikon in my hand...



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